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February 20, 2015

Give in?/

I am having a hard time in deciding whther we let this life make you bitter or not? As a result of what, i am delaying my actions. This makes me worried, time wasted is life watsed but I really need to know if it is okay to let life turn you bitter. I had once written, "what doesn't kill you makes you bitter", I guess it does happen.
Can we kill devil by only becoming one?
I have learnt, the way i have been brought up is that they do it like that because they are like that which does not really mean that we should start doing that cause we should be how we are. I do not want to go that path, I am not revengeful at all, sometimes I hate it. But then, isn't the wise thing is to cut yourself free from all the stupidity. Life is challenging and like i have said before, the only way to we can know how strong our beliefs are is by testing them. And the test is life, the practical life we lead.

So, do we let life get the better of us, do we let life urn us bitter?
This is a debate in which the mind is singing it's own fucking tune while the heart is oblivious to that music, kinda deaf. I am not sure to really give a conclusion here but the question stays. I have preached before to be not to be derivative of someone else's action and i stand by that but now, i am talking deep on how to aachieve it. Nietzsche has said that if you stare long inoi the abyss, the abyss stares back into you. Wasn't the whole point of life was to not let life turn us bitter. Then how do we cope up with evil, Hindi me " bure ko maarne ke liye bura banana padta hai", Really?/

But then, this would be a chain reaction and everyone would be evil, once it destroys the pre existing evil, it would become the ruling one and then, we would need another to kill that and this will go on. Chain reaction does not stop, so how will we contraol it? Is that how the world is right now?This is very cynical of me to keep asking questions in between the thoughts but I hope, someone might resonate and find direction in this chaos. Chaos is not a pit, it is a ladder.
FYI - I do not edit my work and i do it in one go, excuse any typos.


  1. I love what your write! You should write more, may be start your own site. Would love to follow you.

  2. I love what your write! You should write more, may be start your own site. Would love to follow you.


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