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May 14, 2014

What if aka Schrodinger's cat

As you grow older, you will realize at some point that you do not regret the things you regretted rather you regret the ones you did not do, not taking that one step, not saying those few words, you regret the What ifs!

These are the situations which will haunt you, hunt you and then beat you down whole over your life.
Schrodinger's cat could either be dead or alive but it would always remain a dilemma, its a paradox. You've got to open the box or else you risk being caught in the paradox forever. That limbo would be impossible to come out. Honestly guys, how many times had we have to say dis, and all to ourselves that what if.. 

So don't just fucking sit there and think what if you would take the next step.. just do it. This sounds a little preachy and boring but yeah, its like coming back to basics, you have to do it or else the Schrodinger's cat is alive as well as dead today.
You would never know for the fact, and that is what leaves you in the limbo.
The story of life seems dull with all the what ifs.. and like i have said,, its ok to fail, get shot, put down but you are a hero if u tried, trust me.Also, it works as an eye opener, when you fall right on your face "THUD" when you had thought it to be a cinch but yeah you gotta know and will succeed in the next run and who did not tried would possibly wonder.
A saying that i really like goes  "You will miss 100% of the shots you do not take!"

So go out there, do the cha-cha, do the crazy stuff and dont leave anythng to make you wonder in your life later.
Have stories to tell your grand kids of how you once did that or that and not what if you had done that or shit!
Let loose and Go, the worse that could happen is that you will fail, and you will definitely fail if you don try, atleast give yourself a chance, you deserve one.
Talk to that girl/boy you like, tell them.
Eat at that restaurant you have always longed.
Do the dance the way you want.
Open a new business, get failed, open another one.
Take a off, don't be afraid of your boss!
Just do it friends, seriously.
The saddest biographies are not the messed up ones but rather the ones which say what if.


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