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May 15, 2014


What is the value of Gold if not for the jeweler? Does Gold has a value of its own that is known to it or it is just told that he is precious by someone and he believes and rises up to the occasion and acts pricey. Never mind, it is Gold, it is non-living stupid material that uses humans to waste their hard earned money for something that glitters. So, would Gold be Gold if it does not glitter? Would the jeweler hold same value for Gold if it does not glitter?

Question I have to ask is, Who the fuck is jeweler anyway to judge and tell Gold’s value? Does Gold care that somebody knows its value or not, would Gold still be Gold if its value is unknown to itself? Does Gold even care if it’s valued by someone or not, Can it do something about that fact, it can’t just go phoof and turn into something else, it is and would just be Gold. So, if you are or we are Gold, do we need a stamp?

Everything is gauged in some dimension so that we can know its value. We live in currencies, inches, stocks, percentages, carats and so much more that are only as good as to gauge the value as its basis. The basis of measuring value of something is in question. This something which could surely be a person also as it is appears from the thought process here. How do you gauge a person’s value? Is it even possible?
From times, we have grades, scores, tests to gauge what we learn at school, at college, at our jobs but is that the value. There is nothing new here for the thought that if we judge the fish for it’s ability to climb trees, it will die thinking how stupid it is. But a thing is sure, not everyone is Gold like Gold itself, which amongst other metals has its own niche. A niche that was created by its properties which were inherently typically different from other metals, properties that made it resistant to corrosion and not losing its shine even in adverse environment. But is knowing your value enough or we need to be told that too, and if there lies a value underneath, is it required to be brought to surface for social acclaim.

Simply asking if Gold would still be Gold if it is not used to make any jewelry or ornaments? Would it still have it’s value? Would Gold care if it is barred from the royalties it is given? Does Gold even care?
Are we Gold if we know it? Do we need to be told that we have Gold in us? Is it important to be proven socially? Does Gold seize to be the precious piece of matter that it is if not valued?

For all I know, the jeweler is a mere mortal, and the Gold you create lives on.


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