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May 14, 2014

Today's Special - Chef's choice!

Alright, so out of the blues, today i watched TV for brief moments, approximately 10-15 minutes while i was eating today.
So, what i took back with me to here is that there is a hike in the petrol prices again and a girl was shot due to "Mohalla enemity" middle of the market in buddh vihar, i dont even know where is that place.

So, today's special by the chef is no philosophy, only the kit to survival.

okay, so where do we start,
Petrol Prices again get a hike but our salary does not. So, Let us consider this point in the view that Our government is from Con-gress the opposite of Pro-gress ruled by an awesome italian whose greed or hunger has seen no end, also, now we have a new president frome them too, and lets not waste time talking our shitty PM, he is a puppet and so on, even he yawns hearing all this.So, they had a talk today about Pratibha Patil spending all the money from the presendtial quota, pranab was not amused, his whole family had been eyeing world tour for quite some time, so, in order to get Crores and more back into business, increase in petrol, or house loan %, or our basic Income Tax.They are the most caring govt we have had, they care about us, each one of us. Its not healthy to earn good salaries and not do any charity, so they teach us and as it is said, charity begins at home.
Now, dont be double standard says chidambram, he is even keeping track of where we spend our fucking hard earned money, he tells you dont go to Barista if you are unhappy with the Petrol hike, he has a valid point, in a country where Rahul Gandhi is partying so hard for all of us, do we really need to??  See, the govt cares too much for us.Plus, he has taken all the burden of the "party"  ;)Okay, lets not make this sit boring, Lets talk about people killing for fuddu (Menial) reasons, i had a compulsion to use the punjabi word here.

Okay, so next time you drive, make sure you have a pistol, the truck in front of you might not give you side, so, you cant let that bastard go alive. And yeah, the Mohalla fights, they are a big deal now, so the girl gets shot as she was being pressurized to take back some police complaint.
Its so stupid of the girl to not listen to those threat calls, man the person atleast has the decency of giving you a threat call in a time where people are being shot over a plate of tandoori chicken.
She was stupid, she deserved this, showing bravery in delhi should be a crime, asking police help,?? Are you out of your mind !!!No Bravery should only be shown on TV, Sallu is enough, in real life, no man, dont be stupid, now at this very moment, some are ready with the idealistic comments that we have to be, we are the one, my advise, man just keep it cool and survive. You cant be sure enough that someone will not shoot you just for writing something on their Facebook wall.

And, I request anyone from Al qaeda reading this note to bomb India in several places, man we can really use a few right now, and also, let me give you a new idea, you want to kill common man, just let him live!


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