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May 14, 2014

Time is Now

Of all the thoughts i have read ever, this one has been on my mind since forever, The time is now.
And day on day, this is becoming more and more relevant and true to me and myself. yeah, i referred to myself as 2 entities but that is the way it is. The me defines the part which deals with the outside and myself is where i deal with myself.

Leaving the philosophical grounds, let me start with a simple story that i have told everyone i know around a zillion times.
So if you buy a car and decide to take it for a spin only when all the signals are green, you may not get the chance.

Simply because all the signals cannot be green together, its the journey which we have to pursue, signal will turn green once you reach there, if not, give it some time and it will. And in the same analogy, do not just sit back and wait for the miraculous time to come in which will have all the signals green, a land where implementing thoughts would not require hard work, it is never gonna happen, you have to take the 1st small step.

Its does not matter whether we can see the whole distance of 250 km between Delhi and Chandigarh, whats important to drive through this way even in the darkest of the nights is to be able to see the next few meters ahead. Being able to see the full flight of stairs is impossible, what matters is to see the next step.
And these phrases used all around "Too Early" & "Too Late" do not even hold other then in the dictionary of the standers, the stationery, the reference points whose business runs on the whats of too early or too late.

you have got to take the first step if you intend to climb the whole flight of stairs, you have got to take the next small step to start. All signals are not gonna get green together, so if you find the first signal green, go 4 it.

"You have got to start some where, you can not build a reputation on what you intend to do"

So, all of us waiting for that Narnia land to arrive to make our dreams come true, lets start, the time is now/
Its never Too Early or Too Late to start, its just the right time.
Take that plunge.


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