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May 14, 2014

The point of Art

The point of the Art is that it is Art!

Its not to be judged, not to be measured, it has to be felt as a feeling. Our Sensory organs may fail when judging art, it requires a detached thought and soul, a melancholy which binds the virtue to the thoughts. Art defies stagnation, it moves, rapidly, do not attempt to hold what is beyond stagnation. Art gives words, pictures, tunes, characters, faces to thoughts which otherwise would have been left unheard, unsaid and left un-understood.

Critique is good but useless for the artist which drew those lines in a feeling where every line he sees as a story, he tries to tell his story, but critique judges it, evaluates it on what they see, mere lines.

Critics are intelligent, bright human minds which waste their lives and account to nothing, futile their work becomes, when the writing they said was futile becomes a legend, when the people they claimed would bite dust, rise high.
Beethoven was told to be music impaired, Einstein was called to be crazy,Walt Disney was called untalented and retarded, Shakespeare was not revered in his entire lifetime,  and now, nobody remembers even the names of the critics. Such a waste of a beautiful human life can men do is by judging.

Art is meant to be felt, these words may seem hollow to you now, but it is the feelings inside the body that make the body alive not the body itself.

An analogy if drawn here implies, the critic is the Tyrant and the Artist -the Martyr.

And "A tyrant dies, and his rule ends, A martyr dies and his rule begins!"

Men with vision see far more then what their eyes do, and Men without vision call it madness.

And as Shakespeare has said " Thou' this be madness, 'yet there's method in it"


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