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May 14, 2014

The Phobia of Growing Old

This has been something on my mind lately which i haven't been able to get rid off, and in the process of trying to forget it i have thought about it more. Is growing old that big a deal??/

Friday, 9 march, 2012 - David Guetta (Also one of my favorite DJs) performed in Delhi. This time for this event, me and my friend agreed to let it go after the great Metallica debacle and just let it go! You know, we wanted to go but then, its becoming hot now here in Delhi day by day and i refused to be part of something which starts mid-afternoon and does not engulf the whole night in the party.

The Guetta concert was not attended, instead intensive rounds of guetta's songs and many a searches about him was done.Plus the booze, you know.
On a personal note, i admire Guetta's showman skills then his Dj skills cuz there are other Djs on my list which beat the fuck out of David

This whole process taught me an immensely valuable theory, i myself implied it through the analysis that i did.
For those who here now think that i lost 

my point where i started take this - David Guetta is right now the worlds most popular DJ (I dont know wts the scale, but through the magazine "DJ")
And he is 44!  * Respect*
In your face - those who say DJing is an age game!

Thus, the lesson i learnt here is "Keep slogging. and you shall make it one fine day!"
His whole biography told me that he has been a DJ since 17 when nobody gave a fuck about him or his DJ skills, but with time and his continous efforts, he is now known more then Tiesto or Van buuren! HAd he shut his Fuck up any sooner, he could be serving food in a restaturant or may be something else but the fact is he did not, he did what he wanted to, No matter of what his age was and finalyy, we shall say he did it!
So, Now, i am not going to be in a constant fear of growing old or my life is not moving anywhere &  stuff, and Lets just keep doing what we want and lets not stop whatever the Fuck may come and nail it! >> Bang

Oh yeah yeah, i know, you are saying that i think about too much of growing old but trust me, its the circumstances that force me too, the changes around in life are a little hard to absorb sometimes.
bUt that being said, i am fine now,infact good,  Guetta story has done something to me, i feel energetic and lay in bed! writing this and will keep writing no matter what!

And why even should we give a fuck to growing old anyway,cuz ~ We grow old, but only one day at a time ~
Think about it.

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