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May 15, 2014

The Ordeal

Ram, fearing that he might get fired stares deep into the space in front of his eyes almost as if glaring into the abyss and his past being reflected back.

Ram is an promising, enthusiastic young man. Being the Project Manager, he is vital to the success of his company. He has won many contracts for his company as his customer relations skills are so fine that it almost feels natural to see him present a contract to a customer. He has been recognized at global scenes and given much visibility by his company, successful and wealthy, that's what people call him. The bottom line is his company believes in him and he delivers.
He alone has managed to win some of the toughest of the contractual battles which put his company ahead of all in the world,that's why he was paid the Big Bucks.

Day before yesterday, The tender from the french company was to be addressed by the bidders. His company was among the favorites to win the contract. However, since he was away for sometime from the lightning speed fast world of happenings due to major illness, there had come into being a new hero for the company. He was young, fast and going at super sonic speeds. The CEO had no doubts about Ram but he still thought it would be a better idea to ask him if he is ready for such a big stage, where companies from all over the world are vying to win the contract. This event had become the "Super Bowl" , the "world cup" of corporate. He stepped up and said he was ready for it. The Boss was a reasonable man, he didn't want the new guy's hard work go in vain, so he set up a co presentation with both of them. Ram, however, was not amused, i mean another guy, a new guy opening the presentation and then, he would speak. God knows, how much Ram's preparation was but he was not upto the mark, he was given indications to shut up and relay it to the new guy but deep inside, he wanted to succeed on his own but couldn't help but even notice that he was way off today. He could have relayed the presentation to his partner and bailed out safely, still maintaining his companies reputation and a fair chance of getting the contract. But it was not until the last 2 minutes, when he left it to the poor guy, who could do nothing but try to hold the falling roof on his hands.

His company lost the contract.

People started to blame Ram directly after witnessing what had happened. Not only the contract was lost, the company was now 2nd in the world rankings. Ram was a honest guy, he gave it his best shot but may be it was not his day. The share holders who had all the hopes of his company's shares rising were in fury and angry on losing money and angrily vocal on Ram. Things got so out of hand that stones were pelted at Ram's house by the angry crowd. Money had been lost and more importantly trust was gone.

Ram's friends and supporters in the company came out in full support of Ram show casing his past humongous achievements. The British Contract of 2006, The United States contract of 2011, his contribution to the success of the company and so much of other shit he had done for the company in the past. And it was just a bad day, you can't stop believing who Ram is and what he has done for just one day of events.

Let's take your opinion here now.

Ram was one of the best Project Managers in the company. A company which had 1.25 Billion employees, he was one of the 11 best Project Managers who represented the company. He was a star, money rained to him, his company never questioned his many other business handles. When he returned from a major illness, he was given a fair chance at representing the company again. Can't the company expect him to deliver after all this. He is one of the best, it would definitely invoke rigorous passions in people when you are 1 in 1,2500,000,000.
But he had failed now, and that too by not adapting to the scene, he could have relayed it to the new guy and bailed out easily and could have saved the grace for his company but may be he wanted to do it on his own.

As the people are angry, defending continues, past being used to justify the present but today won't be recovered ever.
Would the company be at fault if it decides to fire Ram now?

In a parallel universe, Ram could be Yuvraj Singh, the french contract could be ICC world T20 2014, the company could be "India".


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