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May 14, 2014

The oblivion

What is that inside of us that drives the feeling Care?
What in fact is care?

I was forced to think today that what in fact is care all about? What is it inside each of us that wants the best for someone else. This is really astonishing as the way I know human – beings is to be selfish. There is not enough space and time in the universe to think or actually try to get the best for others but yet there is something that drives us crazy when these people of which we want the best interest, go out of their way, I mean haphazard.
Also, Is it right to tell people what they need to do or may be even put boundaries somewhere, I mean why?

Its their life, they should have their way of living it, right?

Or is it just to say when you’re the one in question. So, the question still remains, why do we have to act irrational when some close to us does not understand and we already see the problems they may face, the repercussions which could happen.
Do we really have too?//

On the other hand, there is this set of people who say are liberal , the do not give a fuck kinds.
They would let you do anything, but I have tested these people with their real close ones, and they failed miserably cuz the so called liberal turns into a dictator as soon as the subject in the question is someone they care about.

But why do we really care?/

Its like the villain trapping the “Maa” and suddenly, the heroes all power vanishes, and he starts getting beaten up real bad.
So, this concludes that the people we actually care about are our weakness.
This is bad news for the hero and his heroic powers because as soon as the heroine/Amma is kidnapped by the Villain, he loses all energy, until the climax, when miraculously police inspector hegde appears, yes, the same police that was called 3 days earlier.
So, this concludes when the weakness is held by the villain, the police must arrive at the right time.
Then, what’s the police?
The police here is detachment, detachment as far as I know serves the purpose pretty well.
The moment you enter the oblivion, u get your heroic powers back, u get okay!

I want to be caught in the oblivion that I no more feel or am affected by anything around me. It is to turn strong that I want to be oblivious. Men need to conquer their fears in order to be strong, “care” as the way I see it, is fear. Let go of your fears, detach, feel free, do not let something hold you back, disengage, now.
It is to turn strong that I want to be oblivious.


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