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May 14, 2014

The morning.

Okay, so its not even morning and I am awake! Yes, it sounds as surprising to myself as it does to you. Alright, so how crappy is it?? Much crappy,, infact its not even morning, its like the lat-est night. So wake up with a hint of acidity and absurd headache and I guess u cannot even call it waking up when you did not even sleep. You become unsure of your existence, you begin to doubt all that is there in the world. Feelings apart, getting ready is also a task as no matter how much you
try to be silent, every door would make the loudest of the noises, everyone asleep becomes a past tense. No problem, you manage to get ready within the stipulated time and are asked to eat something, my mom makes it a point to not to leave home empty stomach, but the hint of acidity and absurd headache still exists, I eat a bread, and put 1 apple to take away with me which I eventually forget.

Alright, to give you guys a lil background, I have been pushed to try this shift by a friend who claims that I will have so much time and shit and furthermore shit, point being that he says your's prductivity will increase manifolds and I would be able to do many tasks which I want to do and complain having no time. He is correct it seems, you would have lot of time if you stop sleeping.
The roads are empty and Delhi looks beautiful, I tick mark one more time in the list as I pass through india gate at a new time.
#holding on.

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