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May 14, 2014

Take it easy!

I see so many distressed men and women around, not happy, a little disappointed often let down, and that too mostly by themselves. They are of all the ages old, young and even younger, they don't know, they are just confused. The point being that they are sad & disappointed.
Do not curse yourself for you could not achieve what you wanted and definitely not on something which is beyond your control. Being impoverished over everything, is not gonna help, noway.
i totally believe that Its not the reality that destroys us rather the idea of perfection does that. The idea alone "that there exists something perfect" ruins us!

No, there is nothing in this universe which can be called as perfect, we are far away from anything like perfection, if there is any. why yearn for perfection, when we are not even sure if that can be achieved, why//
Its absolutely okay to lead a realist life and to be a part of something that is not fucking perfect, trust me, its okay.

Its okay to win some and also, lose some.
Its okay to to not do well in the exams.
Its okay to get dumped.
Its okay to get lost in the crowd.
Its okay to not to know all the answers.
Its okay to be at home on sunday.
Its okay to fight with your friends.
Its okay to slog it out as an intern.
Its okay to not to sing well.
Its okay to be single, yes its okay, happens.
Its okay to lie sometimes.
Its okay to eat those brownies on a diet and eat a lot of it.
Its okay to get less hike or even get fired.
Its okay to not to have a perfect body.
Its okay to take that ocassional off and do nothing.
Its okay to cry sometimes.
Its okay to forgive if your friend cheats you.
Its okay to believe in GOD, who else can we blame everything on.
Its okay to not to like someone, just dont smash their head off please.
Its okay to gain some and lose some...  pounds.  ;)
Its okay to make your own food,and eat it even for all the bad taste it has.
Its okay to act insane, be crazy, be non sense.
Its okay to work hard, yeah, everyone thinks they are doing it.
Its okay to talk, to express.
Its okay to wear that weird dress once in a while.
Its okay to be sloppy, lazy and clumsy.

See the point is, life is far from being fucking perfect. You need to stop dreaming about a mystery prince who will come on a horse with his ripped 8 pack abs, put u in his arms and ride away, no, there is nthng like that. Life is meant to be uncertain, even when things go our way, it also scares the shit outta us, so, let us not yearn for perfection. Instead, lets repel perfection so much, hate it so much that in turn it yearns for us and eventually come to us. Yeah, who cares, Fuck perfection, lets start like dat.

And i have read it almost everywhere that "what's important in your life is to be yourself" , and i really do not agree to it after a certain degree of agreement about creating individuality.

Rather, i say "What's important in your life is to be yourself, and be okay with it!"  Period.


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