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May 15, 2014

Situational beings

People are made out of situations, And yes, i am going to say that out aloud, completely blunt like this.
And when i say people it includes you too.

A long, interesting, mentally stimulating, thought dissecting conversation with a friend pushed me again into my trance, and i came out with a refreshing learning. I have known this fact in my subconscious, have talked to my self about this but never it did powerade itself so much that it finally came out of the surface, it happened today. I finally came to this learning, many of my internal struggles were found to have answers.
Alright, so you do have your own set of rules,
your own set of rights & wrongs, your own very own - principles. Yes, everyone has their own set of beliefs, principles to go by life the way they think is correct, i wanted to use the word right, but that would be too strong but still yes, i agree with you, you point of view is right. However, everyone is fighting that ever lasting battle against everything to come out, to be different from the crowd. Same was the case with my friend, with her own strong set of beliefs and ways of life, she answered mostly everything, she is confident in her approach and do not think for 1 minute that she let it away,
But as I went on to tweak the circumstancial questions, she had a hard time sticking to her beliefs , her answers started going awry, and i was thus able to conclude that people are situational beings.

Mediocrity & Greatness~

I believe that all the great people in the world who made a mark in history such that we remember them even centuries after their death left mediocrity and finally settled for bigger perspectives and singular standards to come to be called as great. The point being that you cannot be a player who plays for 2 teams, you have to take side, make a choice and stick to it. A large % of people actually believe that their principle's are so important and valuable to them that no matter what they would not let them go, but as the climate changes, as the situation changes, we see a radical change in our principle's or staright forward, in the face of adversity, your principle's become null & void.
And the next time you think how to be different, how to stick it out from the crowd - take this as an answer - stick to your beliefs, stick to your principle's, stick to your ways no matter what.
Do not just become the slave of the moment, of somebody Else's action and lose yourself, We are what we are because of who we are and what we do and not because someone does something. Don't just fucking scum to peer pressure andbe aprt of the crowd, for all the heavens say that is not a good recipe for Greaterness.
What I mean is that all teh greats, legends, did something cause they believed in it, they wanted to do it and not because it was a reaction to someone else's reaction. You have got to understand the difference of being an actor & a reactor.
No matter how much i hate gandhi, but for 1 of his doings and sayings, he holds respect for himself even by me. Gandhi said " An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind". Simplified, If somebody slaps you on 1 cheek, put your other cheek forward - and this completely resonates with his principle of non-violence. Neither do i believe in nor do i agree with GAndhi's theory of non-violence in freedom struggle but thats another story. All i want  for you to understand is the fact, if he stood for non-violence, he stood for it even if it was someone actually beating him.
Why do i put this across as an example is because this idea is many can relate too, i constantly meet and listen to people who say and mention that they are totally against violence and some have really strong views on violence but the point fails when you catch them beating some one who caused any harm to them. All the principles are drained, are bullshitted when somebody hits your car or abuses you family and you just get the best of him, the most you can hit, the hardest you can hit and thats when you go mediocre, you lose.
You are nothing if your actions are controlled by outside phenomena, by somebody else's action, you are just a situational being.

Taking the light away from violence as it was just an example, all i want to say is that be what you are and greatness shall be yours.
Be free of this slavery, this control of other actions. Never let a bad news ruin your mood, you mood was never dependent on it, it comes from within.
Great men who lived were driven by their instinct, their inner drive, their inner peace, their beliefs and thats where their actions came from which defined the basics we all live.

Easier said than done but take the long way, there are no shortcuts for places going worth to.

"No matter how hard it becomes in the face of adversity, stand for you beliefs, even if you don't survive , your beliefs - your name will"


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