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May 15, 2014

Screw it up – aka – my apology!

Okay, so here it goes, my apology for each and every one who has looked forward to and found nothing to read here.

Yeah, so the thing is that I stopped writing here on facebook as I planned and decided in my head to be more focused on my writing project, and use whatever energy I put here on that but did i? No, I failed, the more I tried to keep this away, the more it went away from me, I love this, yeah, I love writing. This has been the ultramost discovery of my self in the adult years, and I want to write so much but then, I am a lazy ass, seriously, one time I almost paid 100$ for buying a software that would decipher my speech into text and I thought -  yeah, finally, glory but I did not take it because its different. Whats different, the story telling when you write and when you speak, I tend to get preachy and very philosophical (though dead sexy) when I speak, but I realized I am more grounded when I write. Plus, the phase of live where I speak and millions listen would only be achieved by writing, writing something that moves your head, twistes your brain, or just purely makes you love it.

So, why am I sorry – I am sorry to myself for breaching one of the most important principles I teach others, I am what I am because I am like that, its nothing what you do that defines or can modify my behavior. I too would like to take this opportunity to explain this to everyone I haven’t got any chance to explain to. So, in essence I am telling you to be whatever you are, do whatever you want, not change your actions based on other’s doings.  And here I am not preaching the principle where its said to do whatever you like, whatever the world thinks, you don’t care, dance to your own music and shit. Do that but what I am saying here is to be what you are to a person regardless of what he does, Love selfishly, if you love someone, love the shit out of them, don’t just let your feeling moderate just because they did something wrong to you and turn into a complete bitch.

Confused?? Not yet??
Okay, here, take more.
If you care for some friend, then don’t just start hating them or stop caring for them just for a reason that they did something bad to you. All I say is become GOD, you care for someone, care for them because of what you are, never stoop that low just in aggression or revenge that you don’t recognize the aftermath person.  I do not really get the point of being a mirror, I have heard a millions stupid quotes, FB statuses and people saying this shit, that I am nothing but a mirror, my behavior is going to be the same what you do to me. Seriously? I don’t get this shit, why would you want to be somebody’s derivative. Grow some balls and be your own product. If I love you, I love you and if I hate you, God bless!
I got really deviated, my point that I stopped writing for whatever reasons here, screw them man, if this is what I like to do, I will do it, no matter if somebody copies this shit (though secretly I like it) or if somebody does not like it.

I want to apologize to those people who told me that they are not finding anything new in my notes which finally got me here. Now brace yourselves people, this is just the beginning.

P.S: The above does not stand for people who cheat in their relationships, if you partner does that, don’t love him cause you love him, plan his murder calmly.


Also, if you like my notes, please share, i make them public on purpose. :)

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