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May 14, 2014


There are days where nothing monumental happens but by the end of them, you don't know who you are anymore. You realize that your life is going nowhere. You start asking yourself where is this all going? And this further breeds to an all new sense of depreciation in yourself. Its like you have been looking in the sun for so long that the eyes just dont seem to work and are blinded to whatever you see now. 

There is downside to everything, all the stairs that take u up also bring you down. I mean that the every high time will lead to a low time and that's inevitable. We return to ground cuz thats where we live, so, no matter how much we enjoy the height or keep climbing, we will finally come down and live
on our earth. The expression here is that we cant live and stay in the high times, high times are only valuable cuz of the presence of the lower times, Otherwise this all would not make sense.

The values of happiness is dependent on the presence of sorrow and grief, Heights are measured from a reference point.

The point being that the we just cannot erase the things which are complimentary, And a major part of People;s lives goes into trying to achieve that.
Happiness cannot be permanent cuz if it is then it is not happiness anymore, it becomes the new standard of reference against which you measure, it becomes the new zero.
And do not hate these lower times, cuz these are the ones which constantly make us strive for those high times.
There would be no importance of happiness if it was everywhere, right.

It is for us to understand the fact that Perfection can't be achieved, it is the pursuit of it that keeps us going.


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