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May 14, 2014


The human race is unreasonable, they have the freedom of thought and yet crave for the freedom of speech.

He just lay there, silent, quite,
looking at the ceiling, may be it is sometime worth it
this moment of silence, this moment of nullified existence
thoughts come,go, rise,fall, surface again
you finally think about something, something you wish, you want
but you stay still, see many opportunities
see many stories,
you make up conversations, you have conversations
in your mind, there is a million activity
but yet you appear still, physical appearance is deceptive
may be this is the art, of becoming great, of becoming holy,
the path to be enlightened, to contain the activity inside and appear still,
peace is overrated, for,
peace is within, peace ceases to exist outside
silence may still occupy the emptiness, but peace, that stems without any settings,
peace is the setting, peace,!

$ i have been asked a lot about why do i sleep so late?/
Well, even i am not sure but this time, this time i spend with myself, this alone time,  gets me ready for the Next day,
Prepares me much better then sleep could.


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