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May 14, 2014

Marital status

Just talking to a friend about marriages and somone's recent marriage, i could not stop myself and presented below is the output.People are getting married and i dont know if they really understand the idea, the gist of marriage plus the consequences.I mean y do we have to get married, y does anyone have to get married?
I mean yeah, yes, marriage is a good thing but the idea, the thought of marriage is so overwhelming that i really wanna ask people how do they tackle it down, only if it is not ignorance helping them. Taking a decision this big in life, yet people marry to their school lovers, so did they made this decision in school or what?  I know for sure there is some underlying concept that i dont, yes i still do not understand. There is this quote i really like " Marriage is a beautiful institution, but who wants to live in an institution"// Also, if 

love is to be called the underlying concept of marriage (of marriages other then what are still decided by parents), and Love is called blind. I mean how are we supposed to believe and understand that we say is blind, it cannot see and yet it has been lightning our paths since forever.

So, my question remains - How does one decide and get ready to be doomed, oh pardon me there, Married i meant.

~  I will continue this thought, feeling a lil tired right now.
~ Sincerely.

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