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May 14, 2014

Marital status - II (Contd.)

So the question was raised, how does one decide that they have found the "ONE"l.. and is meant to be??Nobody has offered me any sensible answers for this one, even the ones who have already taken the plunge, can't convince you. And it becomes funny when you fuck up with their minds and grow doubts into them about why did they got married?? The best part comes when you are able to convince that this love is temporary and will wash away with time and they actually believe shit and start worrying.

Now, for instance i got an answer that someone got married because they were 3 years into their relationship and so had to do it now, and i personally do not get this term "had to". Our culture somehow makes you believe that you have to get married to someone now that its been over a certain interval of time - this interval varies for everyone. Seriously, take this, hey honey its now 2 years, we have passed the test, lets get married. ok great, but hear dis, everything has an expiration date in this world, to think of something as permanent is being foolish. So, what would you do if you come to know that the expiration for your relationship was just 1 day after the test period, lol, but it could be, then, what??Everything comes at a cost, and so does your marriage and its YOU.
Think about it!


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