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May 15, 2014


Of all the senses that we humans are incorporated with, I have found myself particularly drawn to hearing. It is the only way where you get the outlet to the outside world, you can hear words, as to what else could provide and do justice to the poet’s work. It is the only way where we are exposed to the outward. As the Voice is the revelation of the inwardness and hearing the sense, ear the instrument by which it is appropriated. For what else could reveal the emotions of the speaker then to feel it in th eardrums of our body. The modulation of voice works in a way so as to express and bring out the meaning of the words said,
hearing is the sense which accounts for the expression.
And whenever I found contradictions between what I heard and what I saw, I found my investigation for this stimulated. In the confession box, the priest is separated by the confessor by a screen and all he has is to hear his words, and as the speaker goes on, he starts to build an outward appearance of the speaker per the words spoken and the meaning they hold, and also, the tone which accompanies these words. And consequently, he has no contradictions of what he hears and what he sees as the visual is constructed by himself, his own mind by just appropriating the words, the tone, the meaning and the action. And there, in an otherwise scenario, we form a screen between us and the speaker because there is a contradiction in what we see and what we hear.

In 1960s, in New York, the auditions were going on for a premiere orchestra for they needed a trombone player, several 100s of people auditioned. The phenomena for these auditions were that the judges, the listeners were not able to see the player as a screen portioned the player from the audience. This was done to safeguard the player and give him a fair chance, so as the judges could not base their decisions on race, built or any kind of favors to the known or physical appearance of anyone. Days passed and nothing grabbed the attention of Whitmore, few good players had been shortlisted and auditions were still on but nothing had caught the exceptional grade for Whitmore. The 6th day, Whitmore was stunned to hear so clear and so powerful performance that he knew “this is what he wanted”. The shortlisted candidates were called, the final round had began and much to Whitmore’s expectation, 1 sound he distinguished from the others. He could not wait and rushed to announce that they had chosen the player, who is going to be in the orchestra.
It was a surprise and the whole auditorium hall started with applause when the screen was removed to finally reveal the winner, the trombone player who had moved the audiences with the sheer intensity and clear definitions of the sounds created, was a woman. Whitmore was more shocked then surprised now, nobody could believe that a woman would have so much power as to handle the trombone so beautifully, it had never happened before.
Following the selection, the woman was later sidelined and eventually ousted on the grounds that woman do not have enough power to perform at the level required and the orchestra’s reputation cannot be put at stake. Hence, the screen was created, even when she was a player of eloquent talent and something different that was in deniable to her, she was judged on what was already perceived in minds, the fatal rules of society, of beings.

So, what good is  it to see?



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