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May 15, 2014

Hearing Part-II

So, what good is to see?

I am yet to understand this human emotion of closing their eyes in their most enjoyable and intimate moments. Why do we close eyes when we pray, we witness something spectacular, we enjoy our intimate moments. Closing eyes at some moment actually defeats the purpose but yet we scrum to it. We unknowingly do this, its not our conscious action. I have asked people to try to pray with their eyes open and they never seem to be able to as they would with their eyes closed. So, is it our vision that controls the mind or is it that the vision, actually contaminate the minds thoughts with what it observes.

The answer is not easy to get because we think what we see, or we have to close eyes to think something else then what we see. It translates into that we are just able to think what we see and finally when we want to think something else, run our imagination, we have to resort to the darkness of our closed eyes. The fact that vision is the most beautiful gift of nature can be challenged if you can’t hear the words, words of the poet are to be heard, to be felt. is all in our imagination fragment of what we have seen?

The poet’s sentiments that he beads into a necklace of words are useless if not heard, for the voice holds the truth, the dignity of work, the morality of the speaker. Thus, to the poet, there would be no harsher punishment than to be not able to say his own words.


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