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May 15, 2014

Defining Love

Love is a big deal. People talk about it, People fall in it, People find it, People chase it, People crave it, People do all kind of crazy stuff and act weird for it but let me ask the ever invincible question - What is love?
Many of you would agree that i am not the best person to talk about this but still here i go to define love, to basically get it out in open what love means to me or how i see love or the kind of love i want. I tried reading books about love, read poetry about love, saw people in what they called to be love yet i need no stories or poetic brilliance to define my point of view. Read on..

The guy was missing from last one and half days and that too the one half days leading to his marriage. The scene was set in Thailand, everything was so beautiful gooey and romantic. There comes a time on the day of wedding when the father of the bride decides to call of the wedding in rage and makes his way to the altar to announce to every one to vacate the place. Just when, there's a boat coming towards the beautiful island and the bride pulls his dad away as she recognizes that there is his groom on that boat. The boat is driven by one of the groom's friend, makes a very bad docking almost running through half of the island and barely saving people out of its reach.
There are 4 guys on the boat, the groom, the bride's brother and 2 of groom's friend. The guys look like shit and the groom appears with a very outrageous tatto on his face, stumbles his way out of the boat and let loose. When i say let loose, i mean all the hatred from his father in law he had absorbed, he finally reflects and speaks out his mind and which is not very pleasant to anyone's ears. The guys asks the girl if she wants to marry him, she says yes.
The wedding goes on to take place..

All dressed up, the bride and the groom are walking down the aisle towards the altar, the mere weirdness of the tattoo on the groom's face and the outrageous activity of disappearing for a bachelor party and returning in a wild fashion still shows on the crowd.
They are walking down the aisle towards the altar..

He: I am sorry that all this happened and almost killing everyone with the boat and dont know what to say...(paused as the bride starts to speak)

She: "Just Happy that you are here"


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