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May 14, 2014


Its been a crazy couple of days lately, have not been able to write, is something i should not complain about when i have not been able to sleep & eat properly. But thats ok, no big deal - happens -  is the word.
And after all it is so good to not get time to think, think even a bit about anything. No aggravated thinking which leads to tension, just thinking about work and yes that is tension but momentary and works well to get the best out. But still i like it, you do not have to sit idle or may be think about something , there is no time to pause, You are on the freeway.

Alright, much said, the point being, its good to be busy and even better to be super busy - hell busy.

All the meaningless worries, memories , stress stems out of the idle time when you can think, people worry and then think about being worried and get more into it. The ideal day of a man should make him so tired that as sson as he hits the bed, falls asleep. Trust me here, there would be no dreams, no nightmares or shit, nothing, plain nothingness till you wake up again and prepare for the fight. And that is good.

People complaining about insomnia should probably try to move their lazy asses a bit and work and get tired, yeah, it works, you dont even care where you are falling asleep at, you just do. At the same time, in my opinion, sleep is overrated. Nothing comes out of the 8 hours of lying at the bed, sleep less, i dont know may be sleep very less, just to remain sane and alive of course.
And people crapp life is too short all over the place and then, fall asleep for 10 hours, does not make sense except when you are "sleeping with"!!


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