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May 15, 2014


ok, so read this great article by Adrian Tan again, which he delivered at some Singaporean university’s graduation day and my friend asks me – that these kind of articles we read that we read, and get motivated, and then reality strikes, need to earn, make a living and eventually everything goes into background//.
And probably this makes her sad.

Alright, let me start by giving an example of Gold.
Gold is one element, one valuable element but comes in different types depending on its purity – there is 18 Carat, 20 carat, 21 carat, 24 carat and so on.
And scientifically speaking, the melting point of lower quality gold is less then the higher quality piece because impurities lower its melting point. Alright, and also the impure gold is comparatively easier to
shape then the pure 24K gold.
And every hit by the goldsmith will have more effect on the gold if its impure, the pure one will take a lot more number of hits by the goldsmith to get molded into any shape or sorts.
That being said, I would like to point that we all are Gold but have different value of purity and hence, everybody has different melting point. And the goldsmith’s hit is the reality striking us. The point being that it is not about controlling the conscious rather its about building and training a strong subconscious which will do all that is required for us. its about getting enriched as a ore, increasing our carats, enriching ourselves at every step making us harder & harder for the reality to crack.

Controlling the conscious is futile; it is asking the goldsmith to go gentle in his hits, which would definitely never happen. It is our subconscious that drives everything which yields. Conscious is just to manage the worldly tasks and using that series of actions to enrich the subconscious, if at which we fail, we really fail. What’s imperative is not to act as per desires, but training and educating our subconscious to do what we desire. Only then, we can know what we want, what we desire and would do all that is required for it.

Subconscious is greater then conscious, and that too many folds. Subconscious is which drives our actions, our activity. It has always been the driving force, the guiding light.
Shakespeare never left his job or whatever and consciously sit at the table saying – “Let me write some beautiful amazing poetry which would be remembered for generations”. Its about enriching yourself and then let the enriched subconscious drive you towards what you want cause forced conscious actions can only take you to a level which is defined as mediocrity, I guess nobody wants to be average yet 98% of population is.
The fact is forced conscious actions can give you a start but if you if do not have strong subconscious built into your system, it would end up somewhere midway and would leave you in that strange no man’s gray area, defaulter area. It would take you to the level to which Abhishek Bachhan & Tusshar kapoor are at as actors. It has always been the subconscious which has taken people to heights unmatched.

Coming back where we started, the whole point is to keep replenishing your subconscious and as it grows stronger with the type of strength you put into it, thoughts and actions would come naturally and we would be doing what we desire.
So, we as mortals can only read, talk and get inspired at every frame, every second to build a stronger subconscious – 24 k Gold.


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