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May 15, 2014

About Life (About Part-2)

So, we are building a stronger subconscious Aakash, but when does it yield?
We just can’t wait till we become 24 carat and even if we do get all 24 carat fancy, how do we become jewels? When does the world start wanting to buy us?

For a clearer reference and better understanding of what you are going to read below, please refer to my Note: About – Dated – September 21,2012 https://www.facebook.com/notes/aakaash-pathak/about/510630568965542

 Yeah, so, the question is when does it yield?

I want every one of you reading this to go get some lactobacillus in your life, the lactobacillus of what you want ultimately. The concept is simple but time is time and you cannot make it run faster or slower in any case. Let’s use that lactobacillus to provide for the 1st segment of contamination, addition of madness, of what you want to your otherwise, pure, devoid of lactobacillus lives. Now, we will make Curd. And yes, the curd is the yield.

Lactobacillus is a kind of bacteria which can convert a sugar into an acid by means of fermentation.
 It is our desires, our talent, it is that tiny part which wants to do what we really want to do. It can be called as gut, can be defined as the type of work we want to do, can also be called as the talent we possess. No matter how you define it, it holds the power to ferment your life to give rise to a product which is completely different than the initial and would look exactly like the thing you wanted.

Milk contains a sugar called lactose, a disaccharide (compound sugar) made by the glycosidic bonding between glucose and glactose (monosaccharides).
Our life contains a sugar called work – our output, made up by a unique combination of hard work & mindfulness. Yes, by mindfulness, I do mean intelligence, by intelligence, I do mean a subconscious which is way ahead of it’s conscious which has been supplied with the information and wisdom needed to make the mind intelligent. To make it intelligent in the sphere of life. To make it perform like a mind rather than just being a brain.

When milk is heated to a temperature of 30-40 degrees centigrade and a small amount of old curd added to it, the lactobacillus in that curd sample starts to grow. These convert the lactose into lactic acid, which imparts the sour taste to curd.
We need to heat our life, Yeah, heat it and that too to the right temperature, to the favorable conditions and then add a dash of your talent, of our desire to be what we want to be to our life, of that tiny little part that wants to leap ahead. The inner desire, the talent combined with the ready 24K subconscious makes that recipe which starts to ferment your life. The lactobacillus in your life starts to grow, you give it the right subconscious feeding and it scales new heights. It remains no longer lactobacillus but become curd itself. This converts the work- our output to a masterpiece, to a fine work of art, to a flavor unmatched which imparts the success to life.

Go make your curd!


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