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August 20, 2012


Today was a hectic day and tonight seems to be the night when you like reading, you read and actually resonate with the writers thoughts and think how good he is. you try and copy something and save it somewhere but every line seems wonderful there, i just cant save some lines. you start admiring the guy for his work and then fall again into the pit.

i go ahead and check the sun-sign, its Libra, i lose my smile and start to think that when is gonna be that someone i admired this way would turn out be virgo,that simply ai'nt today. No probs, still positive enough, i crawl to the new tab and google for Awesome virgos and end up looking at Admiring Akshay Kumar(Man he is really losing age) & Adam Sandler, a little consolation being Charlie Sheen. but really i again turn up to the writers page and read and think smartly to put something on FB but then, No. so i end up here, writing my weird things again, Hope Kapil Sibbal does not ban me.

And also i start to think that may be i should stop giving any titles to my writing and start giving just numbers - like 1 2 3 and so on, this could really save me a lot of my mind's energy that goes up in thinking a Title that nobody notices, but then, again i think it would be a straight forward way outta this misery of thinking titles. i am yet not clear about it so help me outta this, shoud i just start giving Numbers??, to give you a feel, just think of this titled as #17  :@


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