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August 20, 2012

Late Nighter

People sitting and making khichdi really adds up to an interesting late night, kitna namak daalna hai and kitna chawal and all.

now, when we talk about awesomeness, it seemed a clear fight between mohd.Rafi & Kishore, i truly believe that Kishore was multi-talented and he shadowed everyone when he was on, bachha argues about mohd rafi but i don't agree. may be its just ok to eat all the half cooked khichdi with no complaints about anything in it, but there it really looked like a mosquito then a jeera piece.however, khichdi sucks and we sucked at cooking but we ate it, feels awkward to say that it was khichdi, it was whatever, it was eat it if you are bruce willis or somethng. but its good, when you come up with topics like stevejos, dhirubhai and bill gates while eating that, i mean ppl do have some misconceptons, nevertheless they feel inspired by any false story they have heard about them, means i really dont know if dhirubhai's father has a very big house in the village, i mean how would you know even?how?
And now, y is NSN cutting off 17000 jobs, why, who cares!!
Now, is the time, i feel like writing and putting something up!
i dont know if i wanna eat more, i wanna write but this, oh i should stop it now!!


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