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August 20, 2012

Beautiful Anger


Out of all the properties and virtues humans display, Anger is the most appealing to me. It brings out the sheer beauty of every word said in that state, it gives you contact to the realms of life. I always thought that the decisions taken in anger are the ones you regret later but looking back at some of them, I believe they changed my life for the better or at least that’s what I feel. You can really hold onto your unsaid thoughts the words in your head once you are in rage and anger will settle down matters for you.
The unsaid truly holds its own set of influence and power on the human behavior displayed and definitely on the said.

One of my ex used to say that the unsaid holds so much of power that it should not be used, said

What doesn't kill us makes us bitter!


What doesn't kill us makes us bitter. I used to believe that to be both funny and true. Years later I learned that pain could also be the touchstone for personal growth, which of course points back to the original saying, "what doesn't kill us makes us better." Not funny, but perhaps closer to the truth. Or at least the truth I choose to believe in these days. So, having recently experienced a bit of pain, am I better?

Late Nighter

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People sitting and making khichdi really adds up to an interesting late night, kitna namak daalna hai and kitna chawal and all.


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Today was a hectic day and tonight seems to be the night when you like reading, you read and actually resonate with the writers thoughts and think how good he is. you try and copy something and save it somewhere but every line seems wonderful there, i just cant save some lines. you start admiring the guy for his work and then fall again into the pit.


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As i look below, i see the lights glistening, there is hustle bustle on the road but i am confined in this meeting room which right now only holds me into it. there is hope in my mind that still there is joy at the other side, the other side seems far though but looks very bright & fulfilling, i dont know

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