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September 2, 2011

Success-A perplexed phenomena.

Hi ,,i want to ask you something.. r u successful??

Don't even try to dwell on this question or else u ll waste many days jus thinking abt dis and den realising gng nowhere, jus like it happened to me..!!
Is success the amount of satisfaction we have or the amount of dissatisfaction that remains yet to be conquered, the successful is often said to be happy.. so is it happyness, wt measures ur success.!
Human tendency also have it in it to be dissatisfied as soon as the next 1ne is more "successful".
The next 1ne could be anyone,, ur neighbour,, ur team mate,, ur colleague,, ur cousin of whom u dnt even the last name but still as soon as they go beyond wt they shud have acc to you,, u become unsuccessful.. ryt?

but don't you live for urself,, i can assume dis based on the fact that men does numerous deeds only for "thyself" ,,so y is da success measured as a comparative term.. shud not u measure it by wt u wanted and wt u ve got.. but then the human wants are unending..
so wt is dis animal actually???

have a good thinking time.! :)

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