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September 2, 2011

The pursuit!

The life we lead right now,some how, i feel is only a rendition of the past, just with more neon signs and well lit roads at night. And long distances made shorter and the short negligible distances mad so large b/w the people.
The pursuit is simple yet complex, orderly yet de-arranged, as evry1ne is out there tryng to prove smthng to the world or more probably only to himself.
This life is to be pursued bt observing the homo-sapien population now, it can be written even the other way around. Yet every1ne is claiming to pursue, to win, to go ahead without even knowng whats the pursuit all about, what is the pursuit anyways all about? Tryng to conquer the world, that is a sinch for "now-people" as somehow, everybody is tryng to conquer the world and somehow, i mean, somehow, they all believe that many have conquered it, no one knows the constraints of this victory but everybody is pursuing, fighting out there just to conquer the world, "just" to conquer the world.

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