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September 2, 2011


Love, is capitalized and characterized by its unavailability, it's unreachability, by longing, when I'm blinded and reaching far. It only disappoints without failure, conversely while failing itself. It is because of this that I too, want to be unreachable, distant. It is the only way I will, by transitive properties, become love itself. prove through stories of paradox that love, suitably qualified, does and does not exist.

This worldly over-distancing, this brazen compartmentalization, will turn my heart into stone. The simplicity and complexity of Socratic education proves everything is relative, constructed, and even the aesthetics are purely a manifestation of something that fills this "void"; and thus, we are members of this purgatorial destitute.

I want all the knowledge in the world. I never want a person to make me wonder again, no more disappointments, heartbreaks, despair. None of it has been worth it!

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