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September 2, 2011

A hypocritic life

When was the last time u remember doing something gud, for ne1ne or i shud rather say for yourself.
For anyone the ans could be a long thought but for yourself, the ans would be everything.Now we only do wt is gud 4 us and not 4 welfare or nethng that cud be a social obligation. Cuz in the name of fast our lives have becum meaningless(I knw u disagree), we can actually surpass nethng by jus sayng that i dnt have time.
i guess that all these gadgets and computers have made our work fast, what wud have taken us days can be done in a jiffy now. we take less tym to do everything but i jus want to ask that where has the rest of the time gone..???

"hey, i dnt have tym" jus think that how many times you use this phrase in ur life..! where is the time flying.. n where most importantly will it land,, The clock still ticks at the same speed as it did years ago.. the day still has 24 hours, but i dont have time for nethng cuz either we are busy doing something "good" 4 myself or we are busy obligating to the "social obligations" that we have to manage. n wt exactly do we manage..??
Take a moment n jus think that wt r u managing exactly??

I like the social behaviour that we follow, we are always nice to strangers but for the 1nes who are close to us,, nethng works..!!
People are hated for being selfish but i just think that this world be much better place to live if we all wud have been selfish, it wud be very good for everyone if we all did our work ourselves. rytt??
(Thanx khushboo 4 dis point)
No, u dint get the gist of it... dnt wry u shud not read dis as we " dont have time".

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