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July 26, 2009

The lessons - titles

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  • 1. The see-saw rule.

    2. The rule of getting hurt.

    3. The Society chapter.

    4. The gray color.

    5. The self-respect chapter.

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July 25, 2009

Keep reading dis space for the lessons.. see ya

The Pages of mind.

The body is said to be a home for the traveler called the soul. The soul comes in this world to complete the tasks assigned to it. The traveler then takes on his journey to reach his ultimate destination that is to complete the tasks which were meant to be done. This special journey has many special secrets enclosed to it,which can only be revealed if the traveler takes the right route. This special journey is called “”””life””””.
The mind thinks but it only thinks in the direction we want it to think or else all our thoughts are the happenings of our life, some of our fantasies, the thoughts of our problems or in some special cases the thinking is meaningful and different which may be about the real meaning of the place we are in. we were, we are and we will be always in some situations, some places,with some people without knowing for once that where all this stems from, what is our final destination. The mind looks at the world in deep astonishment as it is born but as it grows up in this world, he himself changes itself for the sheer reason of surviving here. The mind which really resists to adapt to the world, the world of changes is not given a real chance, a chance to put his thoughts forward, to make the world change to his conditions, his vision.
Only some out of the many minds gets to express their vision, in writing this book I am feeling to be one of those minds who were successful( if at all this book is published).
The world for many reasons is a mystery which the human intelligence can not solve. A mystery which intrigues many but is taken up by very few who have the courage to enter this most mysterious chamber of secrets. Life is unpredictable, nobody has ever known what tomorrow holds, tomorrow was, is and will remain the most intriguing mystery for the whole of the mankind.
So, is there any key to what we called future??
Closely following the life’s path and its teachings there are certain thoughts and ideas that crop up in the mind. These ideas or may be intellectual thoughts is what I call --LESSONS.
1. The see-saw rule.
2. The rule of getting hurt.
3. The Society chapter.
4. The gray color.
5. The self-respect chapter.

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