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February 20, 2015

Give in?/

I am having a hard time in deciding whther we let this life make you bitter or not? As a result of what, i am delaying my actions. This makes me worried, time wasted is life watsed but I really need to know if it is okay to let life turn you bitter. I had once written, "what doesn't kill you makes you bitter", I guess it does happen.
Can we kill devil by only becoming one?
I have learnt, the way i have been brought up is that they do it like that because they are like that which does not really mean that we should start doing that cause we should be how we are. I do not want to go that path, I am not revengeful at all, sometimes I hate it. But then, isn't the wise thing is to cut yourself free from all the stupidity. Life is challenging and like i have said before, the only way to we can know how strong our beliefs are is by testing them. And the test is life, the practical life we lead.

May 15, 2014

The Ordeal

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Ram, fearing that he might get fired stares deep into the space in front of his eyes almost as if glaring into the abyss and his past being reflected back.

Ram is an promising, enthusiastic young man. Being the Project Manager, he is vital to the success of his company. He has won many contracts for his company as his customer relations skills are so fine that it almost feels natural to see him present a contract to a customer. He has been recognized at global scenes and given much visibility by his company, successful and wealthy, that's what people call him. The bottom line is his company believes in him and he delivers.

About Life (About Part-2)

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So, we are building a stronger subconscious Aakash, but when does it yield?
We just can’t wait till we become 24 carat and even if we do get all 24 carat fancy, how do we become jewels? When does the world start wanting to buy us?

For a clearer reference and better understanding of what you are going to read below, please refer to my Note: About – Dated – September 21,2012 https://www.facebook.com/notes/aakaash-pathak/about/510630568965542

 Yeah, so, the question is when does it yield?

All I want is a place on your shelf

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Came to the waves, breaking skies,
on my way.
Jumped, into the past, where i rest,
to the things, once i left.

finally, i do come back, to my country where i left,
to the things i want, but certainly never get.
child inside me, tells me i want it,
the skies are not the same,neither the air.


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What is the value of Gold if not for the jeweler? Does Gold has a value of its own that is known to it or it is just told that he is precious by someone and he believes and rises up to the occasion and acts pricey. Never mind, it is Gold, it is non-living stupid material that uses humans to waste their hard earned money for something that glitters. So, would Gold be Gold if it does not glitter? Would the jeweler hold same value for Gold if it does not glitter?

Question I have to ask is, Who the fuck is jeweler anyway to judge and tell Gold’s value? Does Gold care that somebody knows its value or not, would Gold still be Gold if its value is unknown to itself? Does Gold even care if it’s valued by someone or not, Can it do something about that fact, it can’t just go phoof and turn into something else, it is and would just be Gold. So, if you are or we are Gold, do we need a stamp?

Hearing Part-II

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So, what good is to see?

I am yet to understand this human emotion of closing their eyes in their most enjoyable and intimate moments. Why do we close eyes when we pray, we witness something spectacular, we enjoy our intimate moments. Closing eyes at some moment actually defeats the purpose but yet we scrum to it. We unknowingly do this, its not our conscious action. I have asked people to try to pray with their eyes open and they never seem to be able to as they would with their eyes closed. So, is it our vision that controls the mind or is it that the vision, actually contaminate the minds thoughts with what it observes.


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Of all the senses that we humans are incorporated with, I have found myself particularly drawn to hearing. It is the only way where you get the outlet to the outside world, you can hear words, as to what else could provide and do justice to the poet’s work. It is the only way where we are exposed to the outward. As the Voice is the revelation of the inwardness and hearing the sense, ear the instrument by which it is appropriated. For what else could reveal the emotions of the speaker then to feel it in th eardrums of our body. The modulation of voice works in a way so as to express and bring out the meaning of the words said,

Defining Love

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Love is a big deal. People talk about it, People fall in it, People find it, People chase it, People crave it, People do all kind of crazy stuff and act weird for it but let me ask the ever invincible question - What is love?
Many of you would agree that i am not the best person to talk about this but still here i go to define love, to basically get it out in open what love means to me or how i see love or the kind of love i want. I tried reading books about love, read poetry about love, saw people in what they called to be love yet i need no stories or poetic brilliance to define my point of view. Read on..

Screw it up – aka – my apology!

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Okay, so here it goes, my apology for each and every one who has looked forward to and found nothing to read here.

Yeah, so the thing is that I stopped writing here on facebook as I planned and decided in my head to be more focused on my writing project, and use whatever energy I put here on that but did i? No, I failed, the more I tried to keep this away, the more it went away from me, I love this, yeah, I love writing. This has been the ultramost discovery of my self in the adult years, and I want to write so much but then, I am a lazy ass, seriously, one time I almost paid 100$ for buying a software that would decipher my speech into text and I thought -  yeah, finally, glory but I did not take it because its different. Whats different, the story telling when you write and when you speak, I tend to get preachy and very philosophical (though dead sexy) when I speak, but I realized I am more grounded when I write. Plus, the phase of live where I speak and millions listen would only be achieved by writing, writing something that moves your head, twistes your brain, or just purely makes you love it.

To keep and live with!

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Sinbad the sailor jahaaz me jab chala
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Dhoondh raha tha ek nayi duniya ka pata
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Woh anjaani raahon me thaa..o-o
Woh lehron ki baahon me thaa..o-o

Situational beings

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People are made out of situations, And yes, i am going to say that out aloud, completely blunt like this.
And when i say people it includes you too.

A long, interesting, mentally stimulating, thought dissecting conversation with a friend pushed me again into my trance, and i came out with a refreshing learning. I have known this fact in my subconscious, have talked to my self about this but never it did powerade itself so much that it finally came out of the surface, it happened today. I finally came to this learning, many of my internal struggles were found to have answers.
Alright, so you do have your own set of rules,


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ok, so read this great article by Adrian Tan again, which he delivered at some Singaporean university’s graduation day and my friend asks me – that these kind of articles we read that we read, and get motivated, and then reality strikes, need to earn, make a living and eventually everything goes into background//.
And probably this makes her sad.

Alright, let me start by giving an example of Gold.
Gold is one element, one valuable element but comes in different types depending on its purity – there is 18 Carat, 20 carat, 21 carat, 24 carat and so on.
And scientifically speaking, the melting point of lower quality gold is less then the higher quality piece because impurities lower its melting point. Alright, and also the impure gold is comparatively easier to

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